Organize your time with new habits.

Everyone knows the value of time, It has the power to change everything and everyone.


We know the time. We Also know that we are using it or wasting it because we are human. We know everything but the problem is that we are not able to take the right decision at the right time. Now just thinking that we will do it tomorrow or the next day or the next day just goes on…. like this and we do nothing. where we stood yesterday we are still standing today. “WE TALK BUT NO WALK.”

Everyone just busy in their life to organize boozing party, playing games, watching netflix, hanging out with friends, on the phone call without thinking about the time. I am not saying it to you these things are not good; of course it all things are good because of the these things we feel good and living with these things like we are live freely but just think about time at least one minute and that minute to give yourself one question.

what is still missing in your life? just ask yourself

Only you have a good answer because no one knows you better than you.

Your ambition, your dreams, your health, your future, your desire everything is yours Only you have the right to decide whether to get it or lose it.

Now here I tell you how to organize your time with some new habits which makes your life easier.

let’s start our lesson!

Morning routine

Lots of people have question, What to do in the morning?

So, When you get up, there are only two or three things to do. first you have to sit in bed and say thank you God for a beautiful day! and second you could take lukewarm water it helps to calm your central nervous system, relieve constipation, decrease your stress levels. After this you can do 30 minutes walk, yoga, meditation exercise what you want to do just do it. Because it helps the whole day go well.

In free time

In free time you can read books specially self-development books which are really good. It helps you a lot. Get it in your habit and read it everyday because reading a book is like peeling an onion. it slowly tells you the reality of what is really inside you and who are you. When you read some books, You will be able to understand yourself. Life is ready to take some big steps.

Night routine

First take one glass lukewarm water one hour before bed and second do some sleepy time stretch. It helps you for good sleep.

Yeah! you all done it.


We meet again next time, keep doing your best.


Published by Kirti Dixit

I am human being like you!

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